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Email complaints:
Privacy Harbor is a scam. There are reports that no emails were received, with proof that emails were sent. Also, complaints were ignored.

Website Complaints:
Beware of sites that rate hosting, but are really set up by abusive hosting companies to defraud you.
Send your complaints to .
Proof is required.


The most serious complaints are about GoDaddy's sabotage of sites.  In fact this site is currently "not available", but is paid until later this year!!!!!!
In some cases, sites which are paid for, simply disappear.
In others, the sites are sold while still owned by someone.
GoDaddy has refused to respond, and those complaints continue to occur.

- won't give refunds for their mistakes unless you keep after them.

- their employees deceived customers.

- confusing hosting deceives buyers about what they're getting.

- only give you 4 days to find that they've charged your account, but you won't know it in time, not until after you receive your bank statement.

- employees lie to customers, no supervisors available..

- deceive buyers about what they're getting.

- they use Domains by Proxy for privacy, which requires separate log-in, and is the worst hassle. They won't give refunds, and it's nearly impossible to get help.

Yola -

- didn't warn about renewal & sold a site to a company now charging $400 for it

Watch out for sites that appear to recommend good hosting, but actually promote bad hosting. Some hosts deliberately deceive the public rather than fix their hosting problems/solve complaints.

- sold a sight to a company that wants $400 for it, without telling the owner it was time to renew.


- refused to let a website be moved.


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